Beretta Stampede Grips for sale, Plastic Standard


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Beretta Stampede Grips for sale, Plastic Standard

All Single Action Grips require fitting by a qualified gunsmith. If you have a question regarding your “Spare Parts” or wish to return them, pleas e contact Beretta Customer Support at 1-800-BERETTA. 

Please note that these grips are made to fit ONLY the BERETTA STAMPEDE Single Action revolvers, with the typical SAA “plowhandle” shaped gripframe, and will NOT fit any revolvers from other makers (such as Uberti, Pietta, Armi San Marco, Colt, Ruger, etc.).  T

hese grips will also NOT fit the Bisley, the Birdshead, the Thunderer, Thunderball, or the Lightning style revolvers, nor any of the Remington style revolvers such as the 1858, 1875, or 1890, from ANY maker, which use a completely different shaped gripframe.  Please drop us an email if you have any questions, we are always happy to help.